New Zealand

My favourite places in New Zealand

Why I love New Zealand! Because its beautiful, laid back, uncrowded, green, peaceful, it is the ultimate escape.

The whole country is incredible, from cute coastal towns with sandy beaches to snowy mountains ranges with lively ski towns you can imagine.

Its home to some of the worlds most scenic places on earth and here are some of my faves.

Bay of Islands

This was my first sight of the New Zealand beaches, with over 150 undeveloped islands.  It’s not just natural attractions that are on offer, this is also the home of the first settlements of both Māori and Europeans, Northland is known as the birthplace of the nation. Paihia being the most popular destination providing excellent budget accommodation, with a great selection of boat trips and water sports. I spent one summer in this area working and exploring.

From the incredible Kauri Forest which is home to some of the oldest trees, to reaching Cape reinga the top of new Zealand.

Marlborough Sounds

The first sight for many travelers, having left windy Wellington to arrive on lush green countryside, which is usually warmer in temperature. Its a Beautiful region for its seafood to summer fruits, and most famously the grapes that work their way into the wine glasses. It is home to some of the most beautiful national walks, The most popular being the Abel Tasman, a coastal walk with its inviting sandy beaches fill the spaces between trees and tide line.  Its also where I first decided to travel with the love of my life.

Beautiful golden beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush green landscape.


Surrounded by the incredible formation of mountains, this is known as the adventure capital, it resembles a small town, but displays as a buzzing small city. This was my home for nearly 9 months of my time in New Zealand. It offers so much, you will never be bored. Its a place catered for everyone: lazy days chilling by the lake, to jumping out of a plane or even bungy jumping.

Snowy top mountains, to turquoise lakes to jaw dropping views.

Lake Tekapo

Known for being a stop off point between Christchurch and Queenstown , this small town faces out across the turquoise lake offering a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Its truly a photogenic place. Known for one of the best places in the Southern Hemisphere to see the night sky , glorious and non polluted. Its definitely worth exploring the Mackenzie Country whilst taking in the Southern Alps views on the great selection of hiking and mountain biking routes.

Clear blue skies, lakeside churches to open road highways.

Fiordland-  Milford Sounds

The breathtaking scenery which cameras often don’t justify how stunning it really is. Completely off the track, it offers spectacular landscape of mountains rising from the dark waters. Mitre peak dominates the backdrop of this place. This place is definitely one of the most visited places, viewed from above in a helicopter or down on the water from a boat. Its truly worth a visit. The boat trip across the fiord is so peaceful, described as heaven in all weathers with waterfalls flowing over the rock faces and seals sun bathing on rocks.

Magical, peaceful and truly spectacular.

I could write endless pages on how much I love this country, but mostly because its where I met the love of my life and a place I tried many new things. It stole part of my heart and will always be a place I could call home.

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