Best of Amsterdam

One of Europe’s picturesque cities, there is so much to see and do, plus its full of culture, history and diversity.


The city is best seen on foot or renting a bike whilst enjoying the good cycling lanes.

With a great selections of cafés that you’ll find on the canal side is a beautiful way to spend a day. The city has a fixation with tulips, the magnificently picturesque Keukenhof gardens has millions of them its definitely worth visiting.

In the Rijksmuseum you’ll find a magnificent collection of Dutch painters of the Golden Age, while the Van Gogh Museum hosts a vast array of the artist’s most famous works, as well as a selection of other well-known pieces.

Amsterdam tourist spot is around Zeedijk area famously called the ” Red Light District”, this personally was an eye opening experience ,with so many pubs and amusement things all mixed in one in Damrak area. The sex museum is a good place to spend an hour or so, its also one tick off the list.


I’m in love with the buildings.

Wandering around or taking a canal boat through the city you will always find things to see or do.


Whilst staying in this diverse city, the Anne Frank Museum is rated a place to see, I personally didn’t go there but its on my list when I go back.


Exploring the city by night


Personally I think at least 3 days is needed to get a feel of this place, whether the art, history , or coffee shops interest you, its got something for everyone.

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