Mount Kyaiktiyo our final stop in Myanmar

Mount Kyaiktiyo famous for the Golden rock perched on the side of a cliff. One of the three most sacred sights in Myamnar. It is believed that a piece of hair from a Budda is beneath it.



We decided to check ourselves into a rather nice resort for one night which wasnt too far from Kyaiktiyo, providing a lovely ininfity pool with views across the mountains it was nice to relax and do nothing for an afternoon.



The following day we planned to visit Mount Kyaiktiyo, which seemed straight forward catching a local truck to the town costing around 500 kyat each. Although we were short of money and needed to visit the town before. We were happy enough to walk around 2 km to the nearest bank with our backpacks but two local scooter taxis offered to take us there free of charge as they didnt want us to walk in the heat.

After taking a local truck crowded with locals we reach the township of Kyaiktiyo, where we had the option to catch a massive truck to the top or face a 5 hour climb to the summit. We opted for the truck, compact in with a group of monks surrounded us, we were rushing through the jungle at an alarming speed, it truely felt like a rollarcoaster. One highlight of this trip.


There is a entrance fee of 6,000 kyat each which was quite a lot really, we spent around 1 hour wandering at the top, with many street food stalls and little shops to keep your eyes busy. Many locals had set up a little base camp with picnic blankets and lots of food for the day. The golden rock was pretty impressive especially seeing it balancing on the summit. Although It was very hot at the top with very limited shade.






Personally I thought it was quite a pricy experience especailly if your on a budget, we managaed to resell our tickets for half the price as they were valid for two days. But met some friendly and smiley monks.

We hopped onto a Airconditioned bus, very disppointing as there was no aircon but a very humid and hot bus back to Yangon.

We spent out last night in a hostel, within walking distance to the airport perfect for our connecting flight to Bangkok, this was very clean hostel, friendly staff and provided a breakfast.

In conclusion our month in Myanmar the land of smile, it was one increible experience, I found the people so friendly and willing to help you, despite being such a poor and undeveloped country the people of this country really made it special.




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