Chiang Mai: cats, elephants, and tattoos. 

From Sukhothai we took a government run day bus to Chiang Mai costing 230baht each. The journey took around 6 hours with a few stops. Most buses like the aircon really cold so we have learnt now to always wear long sleeved clothes.

Arriving into Chiang Mai late afternoon we caught a tuk tuk to our hotel. The Lai Thai Guesthouse where we stayed for 3 nights. Recommend by a traveller we met. It had a pool which of course we made use of.

The following day we decided to find a local laundry place to wash some clothes. This is the only downside of being on the road constantly. Trying to find places to wash your clothing.

Wandering through the old city, we found  it very touristic. With many information offices, cafes and motorbike rental places. Chiang Mai is a well developed city, completely not how we imagined. It’s definitely worth a visit though. With some beautiful and impressive temples scattered around.

Wat Phra Singh being one of the main sights is stunning. Wandering around you will most likely see groups of monks.



I personally was excited to discover the cat cafe which I had read about. Being such an animal lover it was on my list to visit. 5km outside the main area. We decided to walk this distance and save some money.

Catmosphere, with 20 cats of many different breeds, adopted and brought. They were beautiful. A few of of them approached us and were happy to cuddle up to us while others just chilled in the many boxes, couches and scratchposts.

Every evening we found ourselves at the night markets looking for food or just wandering around cheching local crafts and other things. The night market in Chiang Mai was definitely one of the best markets far on our trip with plenty of goods. With row after row of things we had to plan a route so we didn’t miss anything.

It was great to try lots of different Thai food for such cheap prices. We ate sushi, pad thai, deep fried sandwhiches, chicken and pork skewers, smoothies, freshly made icecreamrolls and loads of other things.

On our second day in Chiang Mai we visit the Elephant Jungle Sanuatary 1.5 hour away from the city. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time. Such a great experience (it deserves blog on its own).

I’m not sure how it happened, but I found myself getting my first tattoo. Markus was very keen to get himself one and suggested if I would be keen. We had done our research for one particular place which had good ratings. 10pm at night we found ourselves looking at designs and deciding to go for it.


Markus went for the traditional bamboo technique, which looked pretty painful. I decided to get a small elephant on my wrist made with a mashine.

Our time in Chiang Mai was quite a brief encounter of this city. There is so much to offer within and outside of the city. Hiring a motorbike (scooter) I would recommend because  its one of the best ways to explore and having the freedom to see at your own pace. Also you wont get asked by every tuk tuk if you wanna go somewhere. haha

Next stop is Chiang Rai to see the White Temple and maybe some other nice things.

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