Vang Vieng where beauty meets adventure

Vang Vieng one beautiful wonder of Laos, known for being party central since the 1990s, this small town has drawn in many travellers with its limestone cliffs, blue langoons, and mysterious caves to explore.

Setting off early from Luang Prabang in a mini bus, we were in for a crazy journey. Traveling on the badly maintain roads we passed some of the most stunning scenery.

After a rough bumpy ride we made it to the Vang Vieng, we booked ourselves into a nice cute bungalow for 8USD a night just outside of the town.


We had done much reading prior and heard this riverside town can get pretty crazy. By foot we decided to wander into the town which took around 15 minutes. The views surrounding this place are just magical, with the Song river passing through it makes a beautiful picture.


Our accommdation provided bicycles so the following day we decided to explore a little. Withing minutes of cycling we were outside of the town. This definately is the best way to experience the true Laos countryside. We found oursleves in a peaceful world going down dusty tracks, whilst passing farms, small villages and even monks.



We found some beautiful and calm spots to sit along the Song river that afternoon. It was just enough to admire the views.




The following day we booked ourselves to do a full day tour of kayaking, tubing in a cave and a visit to the blue langoon. We were picked up around 930am from our accommodation and taken for a short drive out of town.

After a short walk passing a village, rice fields and crossing a suspension bridge we came to a cave. Provided with life jackets and a head torch we all jumped into our inner tubes and headed into the cave.

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Personally wasn’t my favourite experience being in a dark, cold and confined space but was an experience. The kayaking down the Song river was incredible the formation of the cliffs was jaw dropping. With a slow current we drifted down the river passing some beautiful scenery. Finishing back in the town of Vang Vieng, we were driven in a open truck to the Blue langoon.

The blue langoon was pretty touristic, full of people, build up with restaurants and little bamboo hunts to chill out in. The  water being the main attraction provides a refreshing cool off.

We enjoyed a quick swim and some diving off a tree. It took me a lot of courage to do. Quite an embrassing experience as I had many people cheering me on, but I did it.

In terms of eating in this town, there wasn’t a lot of tradional Lao food, but many cheap resturants, providing rice dishes to italian food.

Vang Vieng in my opinion is a beautfiul place, and would recommend visiting, whether it be a stop over between the north and south, or wanting a little adventure it provides everything.


After a nice relaxing few days in Vang Vieng we found ourselves getting onto a very crowded bus to Vientiane the following morning.

2 thoughts on “Vang Vieng where beauty meets adventure”

  1. One of my good friends has been telling me I need to visit Vand Vieng for the past two years. All he ever talks about is partying and tubing down the river though so it’s nice to see a fresh perspective on the place 🙂


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