Vientiane coffee and temples 

Vientiane a small city, with much protential, set along the Mekong this sleepy captial, is home to some vibrant cafes and pretty temples.


A short drive but crowded bus journey from Vang Vieng we arrived into Vientiane early afternoon .


We found ourselves wandering around looking for accommodation, with much to offer, we checked ourselves into the Garden City hostel, with an original plan to only stay one night in this city as a stop over for our route south.
We decided to find a place to eat, this was an easy task. So many cute French style cafes, and cosy pubs. We decided upon a nice pub garden hidden off the main street. The prices were much higher but the selection of dishes were decent.

Afterwards we enjoyed walking up to what looked like the Champs- Élysees of Paris. Climbing to the top of the tower provides great views. 


Vientiane has many beautiful temples scattered around the city, which are free to visit. Our afternoon was spent walking around some of them. I found them not to crowded by tourists, but did often see locals praying. 

We booked ourselves a sleeping bus for the following day to head further south to 4000 islands. However this didn’t go to plan and we found ourselves waiting two hours for a bus which never came.

Much dispointment and annoyance we managed to find a place to stay for the night at the cost of the travel company expense along with getting a full refund. They had only gone and booked the wrong day for us.

So the following day we decided to make use of the time by exploring more.

It saddened me to walk pass young puppies caged up on the streets for sale.


We spent an hour visiting the COPE visitor centre.The Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) is a non-profit that runs rehabilitation centres aiming to provide care and support to UXO survivors, including orthotic and prosthetic devices and physiotherapy. This place gave great insight to the history of when the USA dropped over 270 million sub-munitions over laos during the Vietnamese war.

We spent a good hour here, and would definitely recommend visiting it. It is also free to visit. 

Wandering around a city I always find the best way to explore and discover. Visiting locals markets, aswell as strolling up along the river. This city definitely has a strong influence of france. With many beautiful and sacred temples place around its easy to make use of your time here. 

We decided to treat ourselves by going to a pizza restaurant for lunch, very similar to the Pizza Hut chain. The prices werent to extreme, but it was nice to eat someone more western than the usual vegetables and rice.

After a nice relaxing day exploring the city we were ready for round two on getting the sleeping bus to 4000 island.


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