Otres beach paradise for christmas


Otres beach is another world, it has a hippy feel to the place. So laid back, rural and not so built up. Its divided up between several beaches Otres 1 and Otres 2 , with a range of accommodation to meet everyones needs.

Heading directly from Siem Reap on a mini bus, we arrived into Sihanoukville in the evening. This is on the south west side of Cambodia, known for being the gateway for exploring the islands and home to some of the best beaches I have experienced.

Thankfully still in one piece after one very crazy journey. I learnt undertaking on dirt roads is a common way to drive whilst using the horn constantly.

My heart was in my throat many times.

From the centre of Sihanoukville we caught a tuk tuk for 5 dollars to take us to Otres beach which is 8km outside of Sihanoukville.

Known for its beautiful white sandy beaches. This was where we planned to spend Christmas.


Withing minutes we were outside the noisy city and zooming down a dusty Road in complete darkness. It felt quite scary, as you can imagine many thoughts were crossing our minds.

Arriving into what looked like a very busy beach front town, we were dropped at Chez Paou our accommodation which I had booked 6 months before. The only part of the trip I had booked.

Being the Christmas period, accommodation is harder to find and always a higher price, so I thought I was being prepared, however we were informed there had been a mess up and our booking no longer existed

Very annoyed and disappointed the owner accommodated us in another hotel and we managed to be relocated the following day at the one we had booked.

Otres beach is one long busy but beautiful beach front, with warm crystal clear water and white sand it was paradise.



Relaxing in some of the clearest water Shot with the Drone Phantom 3 Pro

Despite the crowded sun loungers and restaurants spread down the beach along with many Cambodians constantly asking you for a massage, manicure, sun glasses and other things you could say it was tranquil.

Over the Christmas period we just spent our days relaxing on the beach and going for swims in the ocean.





The temperature during December was pretty warm reaching 32+. This was hot and also didn’t do anything for my pale skin, I managed to burn and look like a lobster.

The food of course being slightly more pricy also. We did indulge quite often, and not really kept things to a budget. We found a nice place where they did a great breakfast, serving tea, fruit juice, bread with butter and jam and tea or coffee for 3 dollars.


It was our first time to do nothing but just relax. I motivated myself to go for a few morning runs along the beach, this felt so good.


Otres beach offers some good day trips to various islands close by, kayak and jet ski hire is also available.

We didn’t really travel far and spent pretty much the whole time in this area.

After our many lazy days chilling and eating we decided to head for the island of Koh Rong to see the new year but things don’t always go like you plan do they?

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