Koh Rong home to some of the best beaches

Leaving the busy city of Sihanoukville we waited beside the ferry port for our boat to Koh Rong, this is where we planned to see the new year in.

The speedboat takes around 45 minutes to get to Koh Rong. Saving us an extra taxi ferry the boat dropped us at the Natural Beach resort which is located further south on the island.

This was where we had booked to spend the next 5 nights in a high up tent. I really didn’t know what we were in for.


The resort was quiet and tucked away from all the other accommodation. But meant we were far away from any shops and restaurants.

The resort has its own dining area but for high prices.

The accommodation was definitely a dispointment, we had one massive ant nest underneath our tent aswell as being mouldy. I tried to not be so negative and put aside and enjoy the fact we were on an island.

Koh Rong has some beautiful white sandy beaches and some of the clearest waters I have seen in South East Asia.


This island is more known for being a bit more lively than Koh Rong Samloem.

The main beach front town has many bungalows and a bigger range of accommodation spread around. With lots of resturants and food places to choose from.

Being on an island things are higher in price but you will always find what your needs desire.

We spent a day walking through a forest to be welcomed by beautiful beaches which were often empty of people.


Complete paradise!

4k beach was definitely my favourite, a widely stretch of white sand with no infrastructure or people on it.


It was perfect. my type of beach.



Unfortunately I became very ill so the enjoyment of appreciating this place soon disappeared. After a few days of feeling very poorly we decided to leave the island on new years eve. It was a bummer as accommodation for this date proved very hard to find.

After catching a ferry back to the main land, which was one terrifying experience, the water was very rough, combination of being ill I had one very bad panic attack. markus however was amazing. he really helped me get through this ordeal.

I spent the evening in hospital, I’ll save all the drama. But I felt like I could of just died!

Koh Rong is definitely a place I would recommend to travellers, especially if you want to get away from the main crowded beaches on the mainland. You will no doubt find paradise.

It offers some beautiful accommodation with some breathtaking scenery. A great place to escape from life.

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