Mangos and kangaroos our farm life experience

We were fortuate to find ourselves a farm job immediately after our housesitting job finished. Situated 60 km outside of Perth in the countryside. We packed up our car and headed north.

We decided to spent 4 weeks working on Warnessa mango farm. With my love for mangos it seemed the perfect place to be. It also gave us time to do further work on the car and not be to far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It was a idyllc set up, with our own house seperate from the family. The first week we shared the house with a lovely German girl. Warren the farmer was pretty relaxed when we worked but wanted us to work 24 hours per week. We found ourselves working  an average of 6 hours most days, doing over time.

Due to the amount that needed to be harvest. It was an fun experience, getting to drive a truck around the farm, learning more the production of mangos and general life on the farm.

DSC_2159oz 17 (60)

We also had an endless supply of Mangos, veggies and eggs. I was pretty happy with this set up.

The days were still warm reaching 35 degrees during the day, but never really dropped below 15 degrees at night.

Before work I would go and greet the chickens and let them out of the coop each day, daily we were visited by the farmers friendly labrador which was so big, and a sheep who believed she also was a dog. She would often come and visit us.

oz 17 (89)

For me I was in my element surrounded by animals. It was also a great perk if I saw kangaroos hopping around in the fields before sunset.


As the mango season reduced we worked in the greenhouses preparing them for eggplant. I spent one morning planting 2000 seedlings. Boy that was tough.

oz 17 (159)

With nothing around, we decided to spend our time relaxing on the farm, with only a weekly visit the the city of Perth.  The round trip was a total of 120km so we always made it worth while.

oz 17 (136)

oz 17 (104)DSC_2189

Spending 4 weeks on the farm went by so quickly, but was a good and enjoyable experience. Kept us busy and fit. Despite learning I am allergic to mangos, the Sap is pretty aggressive, it left my skin with burn like marks all over my body. Thankfully my time was ending on the farm when this happened but took around 5 weeks for me to recover for this.

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