Ultimate Western Australian road trip part one. Perth to kalbarri. 

Hitting the road, felt so exciting, finally after 6 weeks working on our car and on the farm, we were ready to hit the western coastal highway.

We had decided to head north rather than south due to the colder months approaching the south of Australia. With the wet season passed us, it seemed the best decision to make.

With a simple and relaxed idea, we decided to be spontanous with our adventure.


By midday we left the comfort of farm life in Breera, with our Land cruiser packed up with supplies, we headed along the Great Northen Highway.

We had planned to travel along the coastal highway visiting national parks, camping free and exploring the wildness.

Our first stop was the Anicent desert situated in the Nambung national park known as the pinnacles . Weathered rock spires in the yellow sand dunes, scattered across the desert along the Indian ocean. Around a 3 hour drive from Perth It could be visited for a day visit for a 12 Aussie dollar fee per vehicle. You get the best of both worlds, a desert off roading experience which can be driven with all vehicles.



Heading north from the national park is the small coastal town Cerventes. A lovely spot for fishing, with its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters. We had decided to drive further north to a free camping spot beside the beach. Perfect views for sunset.

It was also exciting to finally spend a night in our vechicle. The following morning we spent beside the beach. Markus did some fishing and I did a workout. It would of been the perfect spot to stay longer. But the flies were just horrendous.



Driving north we had planned to cover several hundred km to gelerton the next big town. The open road was great, with limited vehicles on the road, you literally passed a vechicle every 20+ minutes.


It is pretty empty and flat landscape but is increible to witness. Reaching geraldton by midday day. We passed through the day and decided to find a free camp spot
Using the wikicamp phone app, it lists free camping spots across Australia. It’s definately a great resource for us. Especially when it cuts the costs of accommodation.

We spent the night in a rest area 20 km outside of karbarri.


Our next point of interest was the karbarri national park. Incredible formations and gorges have attracted visitors, with a mix of attractions, this park surrounds the lower part of the Murchison river. 13 km outside of the park, we were rewarded striking views of the coastal landscape. Even opportunity to see wildlife. We saw an array, from kangaroos, to several seals swimming. With lots of Walks and gorges to visit this place doesn’t disappoint.





We decided to spend some time exploring this area, with a picnic lunch in the town of kalbarri. Beautiful clear waters it was paradise.


Already covered over 600km it felt nice to relax here for a while.

Next journey -shark bay

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