Western Australia Road trip part two Shark Bay to Coral Bay 

Continuing our journey along the Indian ocean drive we covered a very long distance to the peninsula of Shark Bay.

It was interesting to see the changes of scenery and finally heading for the direction of more coastline.




Beach bandits

Shark bay was the first heritage site established in Australia during 1991. It is best known for the Monkey Mia dolphins. With an array of wildlife you can encounter turtles, dolphins, mantra rays and whales. With beautiful clear waters and stunning white beaches this place is truely unique.



François national park is within this area, but one we did not explore. Free camping is not permitted Leaving us with the only option for paying 15 a night to camp at a lovely spot called whalebone situated beside the ocean, perfect spot to witness the sunsetting,  Along with waking up to the sound of the sea.


Perfect spot to relax and fish along with rewarding views.

beach shark bayWestcoast (133)

We spent the afternoon in Monkey Mia, a short drive from the town of Denham. We were luckily to encounter dolphins and turtles whilst relaxing beside the ocean.

Shark bay was an area which I could definitely stayed longer. We had decided to move on from this area and travelled further north passing through the coastal town of carnarvon. 900 km north of Perth, this place is known for being the fruit bowl of WA. Lovely spot for swimming, fishing and Witnessing the famous blow holes. We decided to stock up on supplies, enjoy a proper shower and a nice Bbq beside the ocean.



The town was relatively quiet, being off season a few places including the tourist info centre was closed.

From here we travelled 165km to lyndon river rest stop where we slept for the night.  Lots of flies and insects annoyed us once again so we had an early night.

The following morning we travelled 64km to Coral bay.

Situated along the Indian ocean this small settlement is the home to the Ningaloo Reef. Perfect for snorkeling or from coral viewing boats. Popular destinations for Australians and backpackers.


The town offers limited accommodation only leaving you with a expensive caravan park to stay at.

After a day of snorkeling and relaxing beside the crystal clear water we did some off roading on sand to find a spot to spend the night.


After a very adventurous journey, we discovered a campsite good for the night to discover it was self contained. After some persuading we managed to stay one night here. Due to not having a toliet, it leaves you limited for camp spots.


We were happy to set up for the night here, enjoying some fishing in the ocean, and Witnessing another incredible sunset.

Next installment discovering one of Australias hidden secrets.


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