Onwards to The Kimberleys 

Leaving the red dirt behind us we decided to head north along the Great Northern Highway, the longest highway in Australia. It is also a main route for all the road trains heading to and from the mining fields situated in the heart of the Pilbara. It was one very busy road. I decided to volunteer driving on this day so it was pretty adventurous, passing the massive trucks, whilst making conversation with them on the radio.


Our next destination was Port Hedland, situated in the Pilbara region , it is the largest Port in the world for exporting Iron Ore.




We spent 2 nights camping 20 km outside of the town. Port Hedland is a pretty small place, but perfect for us to stock up on supplies.

Lots of mangrove lined creeks, which is perfect for fishing and crabbing. Markus took the opportunity to go fishing on many occasions. I enjoyed relaxing in the lovely coastal parks.



Our dinner setup most nights


Continuing our journey along the Northern Highway we had a stop at Eighty mile beach. 220 kilometres of white sand , turquoise waters, tidal creeks and mangrove lined muddy bays it seemed a good place to explore and spend the night.


Its also very popular due to themarine park situated at Eighty mile. It is home to the worlds most important feeding grounds for small wading birds and nesting turtles. Unfortunately we didnt see any due to the time of year.

Beside the long stretch of beach is a good caravan park, which provides everything you need. Otherwise good old wikicamps provided us with a good free spot along the track leading to the beach along with discovering a outdoor shower and water trap.

The small things which you really appeciate whilst on the road.

Heading north we travelled 365km where the landscape never changed in one day, reaching the town of Broome early morning.

Keep a look out for our next installment!



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