Gibb River Road 12 days in the outback 

Stretching over 660 km the Gibb river Road is known for the use of a cattle route in the outback of Western Australia. Mostly known today as a 4 wheel drive track with lots of national parks. 

Which are home to cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains, deep gorges and an array of wildlife. The kimberley has it all. 

outback gibb

We had planned to several weeks travelling through the Gibb. With very limited resources we prepared and packed our vehicle with fuel, water and food so we could be self sufficient for a while.

Majority of the Gibb river Road is sealed with areas which are rocky and congregated. 

Taking it easy is recommended. With Plenty of free camp spots to choose from especially, Out of peak season it was very pleasant to enjoy the peacefulness. Although the waterfalls and river crossings lacked water being the end of the dry season. Many gorges still had the opportunity to go for a swim.


Coming from Broome we entered the Gibb via Derby, it felt pretty exciting to finally be on the road again discovering new places. 

The first 60 km were sealed making it more enjoyable to drive. Windajara and Tunnel Creek were our first points of interest. Being 50 km off the main track we spent one day visiting these spots.



Windajara gorge, is a beautiful place and our first glimpse of freshwater crocodiles. Just chilling in the water. Tunnel Creek we found ourselves joining a tour group who had a guide with plenty of light. Being a cave it’s very dark. Later discovered fresh water crocodiles were living in there.

We soon learnt that freshwater crocs are the friendly ones. As said by the locals.

 Travelling along the Gibb track there are many turnoffs to stations, which offer accommodation and resources. Keeping our cost low, we managed to always find a free camping spot. 

Our next point of interest was Bell Gorge, part of the King Leopold range conservation park it’s 30 km off the Gibb. With a few river crossings it made it more adventurous to get too. 

With a short walk along the pretty bell Creek, this open up to a beautiful place. 

This place was a beautiful tropical paradise.  I could of imagined dinosaurs roaming around. 

Water cascading down a lovely waterfall, I could see why it’s a popular spot. There are several options to camp in the park. Silent Grove or Bell Creek, which both are reasonable in price
Many of the cattle stations along the track have gorges which can be accessed if you stay there. 

                   Homevalley station  

Another beautiful spot we enjoyed was Galvans Gorge,  a short walk from the carpark it’s the perfect spot for a swim, sunbathe or picnic but it does get busy. 

A short drive from Galvans Gorge is Manning Gorge. Generally involves camping at Mt Barnett camping ground. Due to arriving after 2pm they refused to sell us a permit. This is because it’s a half day hike. Not wanting to miss out on the bush walk and the Gorge we camped there. The following day we set out early,  swimming across one river to start the hike. 

We managed to lose the track for a short while. Very frustrating when it’s hot. But later we were rewarded with a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy a swim.

The climate in the Kimberleys being so tropical and hot, the swimming holes are the perfect spot to feel refreshed and take a shower.

We had read reviews about one particular  station baking the perfect scones. Leading off the track on a unsealed road for 10 km. We were welcomed to a lovely old farm house, with a cafe, and garden area.  The scones only being $4.50 with jam and cream. It was a home from home feeling. 

We found so many nice spots to park out car and camp. All being peaceful and a few we enjoyed alone. 

The night sky was absolutely incredible.  Often I would set my camera up and star gaze for ages. The amount of stars was just magnificent and the milky way was so magical.  

The views were impressive, with little travel passing through, most of the time we were alone. Just how I like it.
El Questro wildness homestead, was our last point of interest on the Gibb river Road. Accessed via a sealed road this place was quite touristic out of all the places. 

 But still full of beauty and surrounded by a ruggred landscape. 

Purchasing a 3 day pass, this entities you to visit all the sights within the area.

We spent one morning enjoying the Zebedee hot springs before setting off to hike 6km to El Questro Gorge. We met a lovely English /Australian couple which we spent hiking with. 

El Questro is definately one for the adventurous souls. Lots of hiking over rocks, climbing boulders and swimming through water. It’s definitely worth doing though. The whole way through the views were breathtaking.  

Our final spot was Emma Gorge. A 40 Minute hike to a picturesque and relaxing place. It was a cool oasis perfect for yet another swim. Being early morning the sun wasn’t quite warming the water. We wasted no time locating the thermal pool which was very nice.

We spent 10 full days exploring the Gibb, it can be done in less or more. Depending how long you have. Its a beautiful part of the kimberley which I would recommend. 

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