Kununurra and Lake Argyle the gateway to being an Explorer. 

The last or first stop for many visitors visiting the kimberley region of Australia.  Kununurra is a thriving town East of the kimberley, in the Miriwoung country. Home to tropical fruit, lush farmland and the gateway to being an Explorer or adventurous. 

We only spent an afternoon in this town, restocking up on supplies, but did enjoy a picnic beside Lake kununurra.

Very peaceful location, with an array of wildlife around. 

After enjoying the afternoon in this town we decided to travel further on.

Driving East along the Victoria highway, Lake Argyle is situated on a sealed road 35km outside of the town. We had planned to meet up with new friends who invited us to join them on a fishing trip on there boat. 

Holding the record for second largest freshwater man made reservoir by volume in Australia.  This place offers stunning views of the kimberley. It’s estimated to be home to over 30,000 freshwater crocodiles. So no temptation to go swimming.
Many tours offer ways to enjoy the scenic views. Sunset cruises, hiring a canoe or even from the infinity pool. Which is open to the public at the Lake Argyle caravan resort. Where you can purchase a day pass, whilst soaking up the beautiful scenery. 
This is the only accommodation around the area, but supplies everything needed. 

We decided to spent a couple of nights at a free camp spot, several kilometres outside the area. 

The perfect to stargaze. 

We spent over half a day out on the water, and much to my surprise I caught my first fish in Australia. Definitely the perfect spot for catfish. 

It was a lovely place to spent our remaining days in Western Australia. 

It’s the perfect Gateway, especially if your able to get onto the water. 

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