Cattle station life in central Australia 

Central Australia is a beautiful and unique place, also known as the red centre.

The climate, the relaxed pace, or the scenery. It’s different for everyone but its attractive to everyone. 

We headed South down the Stuart highway towards Alice Springs.

Stopping at the Devils marbles along the way. These are huge granite boulders spread over a valley.

They are a great significance to the aboriginal people.

Passing many small towns along the way. With a lot of emptiness, and night sky full of stars. It really gave you a true feeling of the outback experience. 

We were fornunate to recieve a job offer East of Alice working on a Cattle station with over 6,000 cattle. 

It was a dream experience come true to work on a cattle station whilst in Australia. 

The red dirt, 40 degree days, and being 200km from the nearest town, sounds extreme. But it gave me the true essence of Australia. 

It all made me fall in love with the outback. 

We spent our time on the station working as all-rounders. I started around 530am and finished often around 730pm. In between being the station cook for all the workers, I cared from the calves and managed the station store. It was long days, but I found it an experience and would enjoy my spare time around the station where I could. 

Markus often did the town runs once a week. Collecting deliveries etc from Alice Springs. The town itself, is in the geographical centre of Australia. The main hub for all the surrounding areas. 

Since the 1800s Alice springs has attracted famous pioneers, investors and Cattlemen to success. Many projects were achieved including the overland telegraph line and the invention of motorised road train. 

The town today has all the local amenities, it’s the central hub for remote communities and industries. 

Alice springs is a thriving tourism hub, with endless activities around the area many which are of great significance to the aboriginal people. 

With many amazing attractions available especially the surrounding landscapes. Whether your interested in a scenic flight, hot air balloon ride, exploring a working cattle station , a relaxing camel ride or a buffet dinner under the stars.

Alice is a true outback town with great diversity. Leaving people wanting to see more. 

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