Discovering the Port towns of South Australia 

Along the coastline of South Australia, you can discover some of the most picturesque porting towns. 

Port Augusta Known as the crossroads in Australia since the Pre European times. It’s had significant value when it’s comes to main trade routes. With a great supply of food and a chain of waterholes. Today the shipping port offers support for the pastoral industry. 

Port Augusta is an inviting spot, right on the doorstep to explore the Spencer Gulf and the outback. Definitely a hidden gem in South Australia.

Set on the coast of Spencer Gulf, is the beautiful and unique botanic gardens. With more than 150 species of birds. It’s an ultimate haven with a backdrop view of the Flinders range.

Driving south of Port Augusta we stopped at Port Germein, nestled beside the Flinders range, this sea side town is home to Australias longest jetty.  

A Perfect spot for fishing, a day trip to the sea or for exploring the surrounding area.  

Port Perie, known today as a cultural centre, this porting town offers a unique gallery at the tourism centre. We also enjoyed breakfast at the local bakery. Great value prices for tasty food. 

Port Broughton situated at the top of the Yorke Penulisua, nestled in a beautiful bay setting.  It’s a great weekend getaway. Peaceful, perfect for families and only 2 hours from Adelaide. An Ideal for a spot for fishing. We stayed here for several nights catching up with friends from Germany.  

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