Yorke Penulisua an epic drive to remember 

Situated on the doorstep of Adelaide, the Yorke Penulisua is one of South Australias hidden secrets. 

With lots of outdoor activities, white sandy beaches and picturesque towns this area is not to be missed. 

Surrounded by spectacular coastline, deserted beaches and untouched bush land. 

Innes National Park is a must see place whilst on the Yorke Penulisua. Rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, rare wildlife and ship recks a day isn’t enough to explore. 

The National Park is a real haven for Birdlife. 

         Some of the beautiful coastline.

The Tammar Wallaby are widespread across the peninsula. 

Camping on the peninsula means having the opportunity to waking up some of the most scenic coastal views, for a very small camping price. 

Many of the towns have such a historic charm, but becoming popular spots for fishing and diving. 

Wool Bay. One of my favourite seaside towns, nestled beside the cliffs and overlooking a protected bay, it’s a beautiful spot. 

                 Not a bad spot to relax 

We discovered some many secluded spots, where we made camp and enjoyed the surroundings for several days.

The peninsula has the perfect balance of getting off the grid, but also central to many of the local towns. 

Yorktown, Maitland and Minlaton home to the usual services. Aswell each of them having there unique history. 

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