Adelaide and the surrounds 

Rich in history and good living. Adelaide has been considered the sleepy city of Australia,  however it’s slowly becoming the cosmopolitan coastal city. 

With world class art, music and especially the wineries. The patchwork landscape and cool climates create a diversity of styles, which make it a great wine capital. 

Adelaide is attractive to everyone, with outdoor activities for a whole family to enjoy. Within walking distance from the CBD, Adelaide Zoo makes a great day out. 
The surrounding area also is a perfect place to explore.

From wildlife encounters, to discovering the history, tasting fine food and wine to finding the perfect purchases in the hills. 

Woodside is a country market town, home to Melbas chocolate factory, only being a 45 minute drive from Adelaide, it’s the perfect place to sample, while enjoying some shopping. There are also several galleries, pubs and shops. 

The Adelaide hills make a short but great escape from the city. With so much charm This area will make you wanting to see more. 

All the charming towns, have their own special mark.  

Hahndorf Australias Germanic settlement, is the oldest surviving. Built by settlers in the early 1800s. You can discover the old and the new in this picturesque place. With a wide variety of things to do.

Browsing the main street you can discover the variety of shops and eateries. 

                  Tradtional sweet shop 

                  A very German shop 

Such a quaint village, it boasts some of the best restaurants in the hills. 

Another beautiful town set in the Torrens Valley region is Gumeracha, surrounded by orchards,  farmlands and also home to the the world’s largest rocking horse. An icon of South Australia. Situated on a 7acre property you can enjoy a stroll around the bush park, browse upon the wonderful range of traditional wooden toys or enjoy some food at the cafe. 

Winding lanes, rolling hills, kilometres of bushland, beautiful gardens with stunning backdrops make it a haven for good living and a place you will remember.  

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