Farm life in Willalooka 

Situated on the highway between Adelaide and Melbourne is the small township of Willalooka. Rich in farming this little spot is home to the Curragundi property. 

Markus and I were fornunate to find ourselves positions working on the farm. 

With over 2000 Sheep and 500+ cattle on the farm this was a new experience.

Everyday lead to new experiences and challenges. 

Driving tractors, fixing fences, stock movements,  learning to shear. We were always active and busy over the couple of months we spent there. 

The farm owners, Russell and Marnie are a lovely couple, very welcoming,  informative and gave us a great experience. 

The first few days we were thrown into the whole shearing experience. Learning the experience as wool handlers for several days. It was pretty full on. Long days on our feet, with high temperatures of 40 degrees. We were also very fortunate to meet and work with the World’s best shearer who lives in this small community. 

Shearing for over 20 years, whilst travelling to many countries, Shannon was an interesting guy and gave us a insight into the shearing world.

From day one, I was busy working an evening job also in the local pub. It was a good opportunity meeting all the local farmers. 

All the jobs, we’re new challenges, from being in a field moving 15 big bulls, to lifting and stacking hay. 


                      Australian Kepies 
These guys are so gorgeous and always egar to work. 

The stock movements became a regular occurrence whilst on the farm. Rounding up hundreds of livestock, and moving them. Majority of the time it would run smoothly but you occasionally get the sheep or cow,  who would run the opposite direction.

Over the several months working on the farm, we learnt and gained new skills and experiences. 

Definitely a great experience and one of the reasons we came to Australia. To try different things and to be more open minded. 

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