Discovering the Great Ocean Road 

The southern ocean drive, a region of wild and ruggred landscapes, winding along the beautiful coastline of Victoria.

Stretching over 400 kilometres from the border of South Australia through to the seaside town of Torquay. 

It’s a road trip of spectacular scenery of coastline, rainforest, sea stack formations and world class hospitality. 

With most towns hosting events and festivals in all the beautiful spots. It’s the perfect place to feel the freedom, explore the towns and re energise in the national parks. 

Starting from the small town of Nelson we followed the road along to the beautiful coastal town of Cape Bridgewater. 

Here you can enjoy kilometres of walking trails along the coast. This area has an abundance of natural attractions. 

Known for being a special place for discovering creatures big and small. Especially Fur seals bathing on the rocks. 

It’s also home to trees which have been smothered by large sand dunes. Over time the sand forms a crust, leaving behind petrified trunks. 

Following the coastal road, with short distance between them all, you come to the historic and heritage towns of Portland, Port Fairy and Warrnambool. 

Rich in maritime history, whaling, shipwrecks, colonial buildings. These are definitely spots with give you a taste of sealife. 

They are also great spots to take in the beautiful coastline and maybe spot some sealife. 

Following along the southern road, the options for free camping are pretty limited. Unless your willing to pay the high prices for crowded camping grounds. We choose to camp inland. 

Much to our surprised Victoria has some great free and good sized camping spots.

We were very fortunate to meet some of the local wildlife whilst camping in certain areas. Breakfast time with wild king parrots and dinner with the wild wallabies.  

This area has such an abundance of wildlife.

Following further along are the picturesque towns of Torquay, Lorne and Apollo bay they all have stunning beaches and rainforest at there doorstep. 

One of the most visited areas, being Port Campbell. A lovely town with plenty of accommodation and cafes to suit all ages.  It’s also home to sculpted formations formed over millions of years. 

Rising majestically from the southern ocean are formations of limestone, most photographed and iconic point and known as the 12 Apostles. 

It’s a place to pause, listen to the waves and taste the salty air. As the light changes throughout the day, the light creates beautiful shadows and different colours. Especially during sunset the colours are stunning.  

The drive has many points of interest allowing you to take in the spectacular views. 

Whilst along the southern road it’s worth while tempting your taste buds with local produce. From gourmet cheese, to world class wineries, to picking your own juicy Berries, to enjoying handcrafted ice cream and chocolates.

Someone for everyone. 

The Bay of Islands
The Grotto
London Bridge

Loch and Gorge

The Great Ocean Road is so diverse with majestic waterfalls, hikes leading you through ancient trees, and adrenaline pumping mountain biking trails. 

The Otway national park provides all this and more. 

Nestled in the Beech forest in the Great Otway national park, are several hiking trails with picture perfect waterfalls it’s also home to the spectacular Californian Redwoods. 

Beauchamp Falls
Californian Redwoods

Steveson Falls

It’s a place of waterfall wanderlust 

The Great Ocean Road is a dramatic shoreline of stunning ranges of scenery. 

Definitely a must see while whilst in the area. 

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