Favourite free camp spots in Australia

Free camping is a great way to explore Australia, we’ve found bush camping has lead us to some quiet and incredible places, that putting a price value on them would be hard. There are thousands of free camps all over the country from coast to the outback. Over the past year we have found the app Wiki camps to be an excellent tool, when seeking places to camp aswell as general information on areas.

It’s definitely been the biggest saving of our travels, we have found camps vary greatly, being open minded to what to expect. You meet some great people, I’ve even found people seem way friendlier.

Everyone is there to relax and have a good time. There has been so many spots that we have ended up staying at for days or weeks. Below are so far my ultimate favourites.


Situated in the Kimberleys, 50km north of Broome, Western Australia. This area is well worth the sandy drive up to. Recommend 4WD but I have known 2WD to access it also. Set amongst the Red Pindan cliffs and golden sandy beaches it makes a stunning backdrop.

We spent three days alone in this spot. It’s so peaceful, with an array of wildlife around. No facilities are available, so being self sufficient is required.

During our time in Broome, we camped at this spot 3 times, for a duration of 2 Weeks. Great fishing spot.



Situated in the West Macdonnell Ranges just north of Glen Helen on the Larapinta Drive in NT. The Finke is one of the largest rivers in Central Australia. This area is recommended for 4WD with high clearance, it has no facilities, but it’s a free, clean, quiet and close to all the beautiful water holes and sightseeing spots. We enjoyed spending a night in this spot, the night sky was absolutely incredible. Definitely a haven for star gazing. It’s so peaceful it makes you feel like the only people in the world.


MORRIS PASS LOOKOUT Situated 30 kms of Kings Canyon in Northern Terrority. This camp is marked as a 24 hour rest area. It also has no facilities, but offers spectacular views of sunset. Although we didn’t have this area to ourselves it offers plenty of space and secluded spots overlooking the ranges. Definitely a great spot for solar power. . NORA CREINA Situated along the limestone coast in South Australia, this place is a hidden gem. Four wheeled drive access is required, to get around and over the sand dunes But is also worth the drive either from Robe or Beachport. We spent the Christmas period in this spot and it was so lovely and peaceful. Metres from the beach it was the perfect secluded location with great 4wd tracks. .

COCKLE CREEK Situated at the most Southern point of Tasmania. Cockle Creek sits on beautiful Recherche Bay at the the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. It’s the furthest point south that one can drive in Australia. Definitely one of Tasmanias hidden gems. It’s the perfect free camp, walking distance to some of the clearest water, white sandy beaches and untouched bush with an abundance of wildlife. It’s drinking water and nee long drop toliets. We enjoyed meeting the local residents, Tasmanian Devils, Quolls and wallabies. It’s definitely a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy nature. .

MAQUARIE HEADS Situated north of the town of Strahan on the West coast of Tasmania. This area is a perfect spot, for being secluded and amongst nature. We were fornunate to find a peaceful spot to ourselves over looking the water. There are also no facilities, so being self contained is helpful. With what feels like an endless list of beautiful free camps. It’s been great to get off the grid and discover some of these amazing places.

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