Cradle country and the surrounds.

Cradle country, this region of Tasmania is the gateway to Cradle Mountain, Tasmanias most known and visited icon.

With its golden and lush pastures spreading across the beautiful mountain ranges it makes a great driving journey.

Offering different driving routes, from Burnie, Devonport and Latrobe. This area is a haven for wildlife and stunning scenery .

Cradle Mountain National Park, was Originally home of Gustav Weindorfer. He loved this area so much that he decided to name it a reserve. Which today it is known as a world heritage site.

The national park offers a great selection of hikes. It’s most famously known to being home to the northern part of the overland track. Stretching over 80 km, to the southern end of Cradle. Which meets with the National park of Lake St Clair.

With a selection of day hikes, We found the 2 hour Dove lake circuit to be a rewarding and easy hike in Cradle.

Lake St Clair originally formed from glaciers over two million years. This National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife. In particular platypuses are known to be residents

With many walks to also choose from, Alpine, forest and summits hikes.

We found the short walk passing the lake through to the Aboriginal rainforest to be a nice gentle walk.

Derwent Valley sits south of the National Park. Home to a big farming community, windy roads, the Wall in the Wilderness, which is known for its spectacular carvings from Huon Pine. It’s also the gateway to the pristine Franklin Gordon park.

Neighbouring areas, such as Mole Creek national park, has some fascinating landmarks. Mostly known for the King Solomon caves and the glow worms in Marakoopa cave.

Nestled also in the lush Tasmanian rainforests are Leven Canyon and Liffey Falls both beautiful peaceful spots and short drives from the north.

There are also great camping spots, with lots of friendly curious wildlife.

Situated by the Esk rivers, Launceston is the second biggest city. Boasting with heritage, food, sights and nice locals.

It’s a good Base to explore the picturesque Tamar Valley. Grindelwald being in the heart of the area which is surrounded by local vineyards and produce.

40 km from Launceston is the beautiful Ben lomond National Park, during the winter months it provides great Alpine skiing and spectacular scenery for hiking during the warmer months.

The drive itself to this mountain range is rewarding in itself.

The Cataract Gorge being in the centre of Launceston, offers a variety of hikes. Overlooking the river is a outdoor pool. Free of charge and open in all seasons.

The Narawntapu National park only being a short drive from Devonport , has some beautiful long stretches of sandy beaches. Mostly Known for an abundance of wildlife, especially Birdlife.

From here you can explore the picturesque countryside whilst sampling some of the finest Tasmanian treats.

So wherever you travel you will discover unforgettable experiences.

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