Exploring NSW South Coast.

Stretching from Sydney to the border, the south coast boasts, sheer beauty and diversity.

With quaint towns between the unspoilt wilderness. This provides a atmosphere for a relaxing and adventurous experience.

With plenty of National Parks to explore, pristine beaches to stroll along and wilderness to discover.

It makes anyone’s road trip, one not to forget.

Depending which direction you are starting from. Beginning from Sydney South is the Illawarra region. From here you get a real feel for the breathtaking backdrops of mountains along the coast.

The Sea Ciff offers rewarding views before reaching Wollongong ,the major city in this region.

Going further south from here is Shoalhaven home to Jervis Bay, Kangaroo Valley and several beautiful National Parks.

Nowra being the largest coastal town in NSW in situated in this region.

This area boasts spectacular views. With the lush golden countryside, backdrops of mountain ranges and only being a short drive to the coast. It’s enough to make you want to find the nearest estate agent and settle here.

We were fortunate to stay with a friend in the small town of Robertson. Situated in a picturesque area.

Jervis Bay only a short drive is home also to some beautiful secluded bays. With Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

We enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and swimming in the warm waters.

Continuing south lies the beautiful Eurobodalla region, stretching for over 100 km of beautiful coastline. This journey begins from Batemans Bay extending to the town of Naaromba.

All the townships between such as Moruya, Bodalla, Tuross, Bogo. Have a unique feel to them most having local produce for you to sample.

All providing scenic views of the waterways, bush land and the coastline.

We enjoyed our time here, staying with a friend made it extra memorable, we literally didn’t want to leave.

From here the road continues to the Sapphire coast known as Bega valley.

This is also the most southerly region of NSW. Bega being the centre point is a rural country town. Rich in dairy farming. No surprises why they based a cheese manufacturer here.

Within short distances are many coastal towns. Bermingui known for its deep game fishing, coastal walks. it’s also home to the blue pools. Providing a great natural swimming experience

The Sapphire coast spreads across some spectactalur land. Eden being tbe most southerly region of NSW, its recognised for its whaling history , beautiful bush walks and timber industries.

It’s a great location to explore, with whale watching , water way and hiking attractions.

The south coast is definitely a memorable and worth while coastal trip. Its the perfect spot to be to witness some stunning sunrises. Not foregtting all the beaches and bush land to discover.

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