Exploring the North coast of NSW.

Heading north along the Pacific Ocean. This part of NSW is home to uncrowded beaches, sparkling waters and world Hertiage rainforests.

With endless stunning beaches and beautiful National Parks to explore.

With attractions for all, Whale watching , bush walks and surfing are popular experiences.

From Newcastle North , this provides a scenic drive.

Port Stephens being the first point of interest. Stretches over some beautiful coastline to admire.

The lush hinterland to the west has some of the richest soil. Brilliant for farming.

We followed the highway along the coast discovering lots of sights.

Forster Turcurry a holiday destination, offers great water activities, along with some stunning beaches to relax on.

Some of the coastline provides 4wd experiences, however permits are required beforehand.

Seal Rocks provides a lovely setting, being a small coastal area just off the main highway. Its secluded cove providing a great snorkel or surf location. Also the short walk to the lighthouse is worth it for the lovely views.

Heading further north Coffs Harbour is the adventure hub, home to the big banana. With a variety of attractions it’s perfect for a family holiday.

The most easterly point along the coast is situated at Cape Byron. This popular spot is home to vibrant markets and good surf.

The Tweed area being the gateway to Queensland. Has some beautiful sparkling ocean. A great spot for fishing surf or snorkeling.

The journey along the coast is a spectacular one, with endless beaches to admire, local produce to sample and activities to keep you busy.

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