Cape York, reaching the tip of Australia

Cape York, vast, diverse and on many people’s bucklists. It’s a spectacular part of Tropical North Queensland.

It had been on our bucket list whilst in Australia. But due to the seasons it’s a journey which needs some planning.

With most of the journey on unsealed roads, being stock up and prepared for all situations especially with lots of side tracks to discover hidden gems .

Starting through the Bloomfield track, this is part of the incredible and ancient Daintree rainforest. It’s wet muddy, hilly and plenty of creeks to cross.

Following this track for around 100km this leads to Cooktown. A small town Offering plenty of history to immerse yourself from the Late Captain Cook.

From here two roads lead to Cape York. The Battlecamp road, which offers red dirt tracks, river crossings and historic sights.

Laura being the last town to refuel, we spent a weekend, experiencing our first rodeo in the heart of Far North Queensland.

Throughout the region Cape York is home to beautiful National Parks. Camping is available, but needs to be booked in advance. But Plenty of free camps also which reduced the cost of your trip.

With several Road houses along the Cape Development road, providing accommodation, food and fuel. They all have there character and worth stopping at.

There is Limited signal for most of the journey however, the developed towns of Coen, Weipa and the Tip network is available.

The Overlander Telegraph Line track is the Capes iconic 4wd track. People travel to enjoy and test out their vehicle along this 60km track. Which passes through river and deep sand crossings, and of course beautiful scenary.

The track was constructed in the Late 1880s to facilitate a telegraph line. Sending Morse code via a repeater stations. Bramwell Station being the starting point. It’s also the last cattle station in far north Australia.

With plenty of history to learn. Plane wrecks and old buildings are to be discovered.

The Jardine River is a stunning landscape rich in wilderness, water is abundant. It’s the largest perennial river in Queensland.

A ferry runs daily for a steep price of $100 return to access the northern part of the Cape.

There are plenty of swimming holes to refresh in, Fruit Bat falls is a favourite among the travellers.

From the Jardine you pass through several communities with a mix population of islanders ,Europeans and Asians. Bamaga being the main town with a supermarket, bakery, fuel etc. Historic and fishing spots are also available to explore.

Another 35km through lush forest you reach the tip of Australia. A short walk along a rocky uphill track. We enjoyed camping up there. Perfect spot for enjoy sunrise and sunset.

Cape York is for the adventurous soul being well prepared is a must and ready for atleast 1400km of Dusty red dirt roads.

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