Savannah Highway an epic drive across Northern Australia.

A rugged and vast journey along the Savannah Highway. This part of Northern Australia attracts all travellers for its ruggered wilderness, historic mining towns, natural wonders and train journeys.

For most of the journey the road is undeveloped and remote. Covering 3699km from Cairns to Broome.

Heading through the Tablelands, home to lush countryside, waterfalls and volcanic soil.

It’s the perfect spot for nature lovers. Atherton is a great base to start the journey. Home to Crystal caves, coffee plantations and quaint cafes. As well as many natural wonders to explore.

Along the Savannah Hwy small historic mining towns are scattered throughout this drive.

Georgetown being the first to discover. Once a thriving gold mining hub back in the 1870s. Today it’s a service yard for mining operations.

From here Croydon is the hertiage capital of the Gulf. Once a blooming mining town for gold. It’s a lovely small town with charm and history. It even has the oldest running store dating back to 1894.

This drive passes such vast land, with little traffic. Normanton once the port for Croydons gold rush in the 1800s.

Today is a town with resources. Such as accommodation, refueling, and the local spot to get up close to a replica of Krys the Croc. 8.63m in length. This is record for the biggest croc to be caught.

Heading north Karumba is a great fishing town, especially for its barrimundi. The wetlands and estuaries are known to be inhabited by salt water crocs. It’s also a beautiful spot to admire the sunsetting.

Continuing along the Savannah, its leads to Carpentaria. However we took out journey south towards Mt Isa to explore the North West of Queensland.

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