Journey through the heart of Queensland outback.

Vast landscapes , pioneering communities, historic sites. This can all be witnessed as you journey through Central West Queensland.

This part of Outback Queensland has some iconic places, and a great choice of journeys to take.

Travelling along the Matilda highway, you pass roadhouses and open plains. You get true feel of outback Australia.

Winton is the first major town along this highway. It is known as the home for the national song Waltzing Matilda. This year they opened a museum to commemorate the song and it’s story.

Definately worth checking out.

This small town is also known as the dinosaur capital of Australia. With over 3000 tracks marked, it’s the biggest dinosaur stampede on the planet.

It’s a fascinating town with lots to see and learn.

I found Winton to be a beautiful spot to admire the sun rising and setting over the horizon.

Following the Matilda highway, Longreach being the Central Point of the state. Is the birthplace of Qantas and Australia’s hertiage.

The museum’s provide stories of Qantas and the Stockmans hall of frame. It’s definitely a true outback town.

Exploring this vast land it puts things in to perspective. Passing through open land.

Most of the towns are atleast 300km apart. But hold such fascinating history.

Barcaldine is home to the three of knowledge originally the birth place of the Labour movement. It’s rich in history, unfortunately the tree which is preserved under a timber structure was poisoned in 2006.

All the townships provide authentic experiences. With world class museums. Dedicated to Australia’s history.

We took our journey through the Boulia shire, which is so vast and feels you could literally be on another planet.

Stretching for hundreds of kms this part is home to the loneilest pub in Queensland. Nothing around but this historic looking Pub.

This part of Queensland holds stories of the Min Min lights. The story goes that a stockman on his horse states that a light spooked him and followed him on his journey. It’s still believed today that this encounter has happened to others.

The town of Boulia brings hundreds of visitors each year for it’s camel racing, but is also a popular destination throughout the year for it’s marine fossils.

It’s a fascinating town also with lots of character.

The journey through the outback is vast, wide open roads with no traffic , clear blue skies and endless horizons.

One trip that you can’t forget.

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