Toowoomba the Garden city

Toowooomba situated in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, its right on the edge of the Great diving range.
Its the only spot where you can truly feel the 4 seasons in Qld.20181006_160358[1]



After 5 months travelling the East coast and inland Qld,we felt more content in our travels of Australia, feeling quite happy to settle.
After living in the car for such a period of time you begin to slightly out grow the space. Although weve learn to really appeciate the small things, and how to live a life more simple life without all the materistic things. We enjoyed exploring, parking up in some beautiful spots and our forever changing backdoor views.

So back in August we traded our Troopy life for the suburban life. Markus was fortunate to find a job position in his field and therefore this is how we came to this city.


Only a 90 min drive from the River city of Brisbane, the coastline isnt far away, these days we have dont even bat an eye lid at the thought of a 140km one way to visit the beach.

Since being here its put a lot of things into pespective and also the many things a lot of us take for granted. Weve learnt to stock up on things, or sacifce not having something in arms reach we really enjoy what we have, our health and each other.

So now living in a city, we are overwhelmed with having everything in a short distance.
Just flicking the kettle on, or running a hot shower or jumping into a spacious bed at night. The little things which make me happy.

Its a decent size city, with several suburbs around, Toowoomba has a history which dates back to the early 1840s where it first established its first store on the downs at the springs. The Cobb and Co Museum has a interesting collection of horse drawn vehicles.
During late september the city comes to blossom with the Carnival of Flowers, a ten day festival of parades, entertainment and a chance to wander through many of the gardens in the area.

For now we enjoy having a regular routine, refueling our bank accounts and living in a house again.

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