Our growing love for dogs. Especially the Australian Kelpie.

During our time in Australia we have always been surrounded by animals, mainly dogs. Most places weve stayed or worked, the owners have had dogs.

Being dog lovers, it was always lovely to have them around.

Our first experience was with a gorgeous 4 month puppy who we took care of whilst house sitting in Perth.

He was a playful little thing, which Helena enjoyed taking for walks daily.

Our first experience working and living on a mango farm we enjoyed having a spacious farm house to ourselves, we also had the farmers Labrador come and give us some company.

Its nice to enjoy there company and gentle nature.

We came across the Australian kelpie breed, whilst working on a Farm in South Australia back in Novemeber of 2017. The farm had around 6 working Kelpies, which were all just amazing. We loved seeing them work and they did such an incredible job.

They just have this spectacular ability with there instinct to know exactly what to do. When it comes to working with livestock.

From there I just loved this breed. I would often take care of the dogs whilst the farmers were away.

They also had two beautiful housedogs , which also enjoyed our company and cuddles.

It’s always been lovely having them around.

Early of 2018 we had the opportunity to work on a 14.000 hecture cattle station. Some of our colleagues also had working dogs. Mostly being kelpies. I was literally in my element.

I really was tempted to have my own dog, we had our own house and the space. But didn’t think it was quite right and we didn’t want to commit just then.

However we enjoyed caring for 9 dogs whilst a colleague was away. That was pretty eventful.

Whilst staying with our friend on the South West coast of NSW, a litter of Kelpies were available. I tempted our friend Charlie after 4 visits to get one.

Literally the sweetest little thing. Only my 8 weeks he was tiny.

After this it was my dream to own a kelpie. Travelling and certain places particular National Parks. Restrict taking dogs. But I was always on the look out.

However back in August we decided to settle down in an area of Queensland. I found a 7 week old female kelpie in a nearby town.

Brown and tan my fav colour markings. It was meant to be. She came from a working farm, where her parents are working dogs.

We named her Rosie and she is just the sweetest thing .

Are intention is to give her the mental stimulation. We started sheep herding at the end of last year. Rosie just loved it.

This christmas we enjoy revisiting our friend charlie, in NSW, it was a chance to visit Didge again, and for Rosie to meet him also.

It was puppy love, so lovely seeing them playing together, both being puppies and similiar ages they really got along.

Its been wonderful to add her to our little family, puppies are hard work. But she just gives us lots of happiness.

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