Sustainable living whilst travelling *Buy Less choose well and make it last.

Many people would think that leading a sustainable lifestyle is not just expensive but time consuming but in reality it’s not that complicated.

In fact for most people living sustainably can actually simplify their lifestyle cutting out unnnecessary things. Such as impulse shopping, clutter in the home and general food waste. I think being aware of sustainability and being up to speed with all the issues. Really highlights what us as individuals can do to help change things.

Impulse buying, and living a simple life you learn to budget and actually realise what you really need. Whilst travelling the past couple of years, we have learnt to budget, lead a simple, happy life that makes your appeciate and understand what you actually need.

We learnt to appeciate the simple things, not buying the latest fashion accessories, only replacing something when its completely damage. It took me over 6 months for example to accept that my phone was faulty and a replacement wasnt a bad option. We also saved money by shopping in Op shops also known as Charity shops for basic things.

When we werent in our Vehicle we always opted for Local transport or walking to places. Since living in a city again, I always walk everywhere. Of course having a vehicle is hughly appealing or jumping on a planeis desirable.

However Reducing our carbon footprint can be done by altering our methods of transportation and energy consumption. Having shorter quicker showers, going paperless canceling junk mail and using direct mail marketing if possible. Just small things can have a impact.

The one thing we learnt regarding food waste, not to fill the fridge completely, making a list of groceries and sticking to it. I always check dates and use up what is likely to go off first.

Some of the things in our general day to day things we own or do

Refilling a water bottle, using a Reusable coffee cup , meal prepping.

Bringing your own knife and fork if you have in mind to eat out.

Always have access to Reusable shopping bags, I always have one in my handbag.

Buying fresh produce without packaging aswell as Supporting local businesses.

My moto

Buy Less, choose well and make it last.

Overall We have started to try to live a more sustainable life whilst travelling and its just become part of our general routine.

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