Discovering WAs stunning South West coastline.

With many nature treasures to experience, rare flora and fauna found no where else on the planet.

Western Australia has some breathtaking coastal and forest scenery. Its definitely WA’s hub for wineries, beaches, surfing, caves and rolling hills.


We decided to discover the best to last

This final trip 5600km in distance , covering 4 states this was one of our biggest around Australia.

So Packing up our Landcruiser one last time, we did a big shop at our local Aldi, fueled the car and headed off south from Towoomba.

Towards the QLD border and into NSW. We spent literally the first week just driving. And I mean we covered some big distances from 500/750 kms a day.


NSW outback was vast open and full of wild goats. We experienced a mix of weather. From dust storms, rain and sun.

Broken hill being our final stop in the state we refreshed ourselves with a free shower in the public amenities. This is one thing I have loved in these smaller outback towns they are welcoming to travellers.

We travelled back into South Australia where we travelled along the coast from Port Augusta into Western Australia. This was all new ground.

For our puppy Rosie this was amazing. She loves the ocean and beach.

She had a blast running along the beach splashing in the waves and meeting lots of other dogs.

Crossing the Nullarbor was on our bucket list, 1256km in length. This vast area stretches across the Southern edge of Australias goldfields of WA and the Eyre Peninsula in SA.

Being so vast, assure to be prepared and stocked up. We spent several days driving this part of Australia.

Esperance being the first coastal town, this is a haven for sun, sea and adventure. So many things to discover.

Its renown for having some of the best beaches in Australia. With its vibrant blue water, rocky headland, steep cliffs and hidden pools.

Allow yourself atleast 3 days in this area. Twlight cove being a favourite spot for swimming.

Cape Le Grand National Park only being 60 kms this is one of WAs popular parks.

With its pristine and perfect water, white sand and iconic sights of kangaroos at lucky bay it reflects the beauty of this national park.

Heading West Albany is one of the larger cities, one of WAs first settlements. With some stunning coastline stretching across through to Denmark.

Its provides coastal scenery, beautiful natural rock pools and scenic forest trails. Its not a spot to be missed.

Heading further inland our next point of interest was the vineyard region.

Margaret river famous for its local wines snd surf. It provides the south west with the finest local produce. Its a beautiful haven with lush green countryside and colourful green and blue waters.

South West of Western Australia is truly a wonderful spot to immerse yourself into the natural wonders and local produce.

Its definitely a unique place and somewhere you could spend a lot of time discovering all the hidden gems.

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