Rottnest Island, beach heaven.

Rottnest island a stunning protected offshore reserve, white sandy beaches, secluded coves and home to the adorbale Quokka.

This stunning island is only a 30 minute boat ride from mainland Perth.

With options to explore the beauty and tranquility of rottnest via, bus bike, boat trip or even walk.

No cars are allowed on the island, so cycling is one of the best options. Over 22km of cycling trails, discover the unique coastline wildlife and attractions.

With stunning inland lakes and coastal headlands to discover also.

There are several walking trails with options to walk along the sandy beaches and across the headbands. All providing panoramic views.

There are so many beautiful and unique beaches. Ideal for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

Some of the popular beaches include

  1. Little Armstrong
  2. Little salmon bay
  3. Salmon bay
  4. The basin

You could spend hours soaking up the beauty, for us one day just wasn’t enough.

With lots of accommodation options, I would consider staying for several nights to really immerse yourself in island life.

There is fun for everyone, aqua park an inflatable park. Provides endless fun for children.

Karma Golf is known as one of the finest golf courses in Australia. A 9 hole layout built in 1961.

As mentioned before cycling is the best option.

With one bike hire company on the island

Pedal and Flipper, they provide affordable day hire.

Booking online saves you lots of time as the queues get pretty long.

Otherwise the Rottnest Express ferry also provides bike hire which can be done whilst booking the ferry online. This option looks ideal as you grab and go.

This is definately a spot we would revisit and a place on everyone’s Australian bucket list

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