Lap of Australia, our crazy 70,000km adventure through 6 states and 2 territories.


Famous for its wide open spaces, natural wonders, its beautiful beaches deserts and the outback.

Its so vast and spectacular making it a great place to experience adventure.

Spending just over two years in Australia, working and travelling, I wanted to reflect on our journey through this country .

Since being here we have travelled around all the states and territories covering roughly 70,000km in our beloved Landcruiser.


It has literally taken us everywhere and we wouldn’t of done it in any other vehicle.

Investing in this vehicle has definitely taking some of our $$$. But it wasn’t an option to consider otherwise when we knew we wanted to travel around Australia.

Having a good setup and being prepared is definitely wise if you want to travel to more remote places.

We are both amazed what we have experienced over the past two years here.

From living in our Landcruiser full time whilst on a budget, to living in farm houses in the middle of paddocks. To living in caravans, and to finally living in a suburban home for 6 months. Where we decided to settle and really save some $.

Over the years we have gone up and down with our savings. Most of our money is spent on food and fuel. As we never really indulge on unnecessary things as we try to live a substainable life.

Generally spending money National Parks, ferries, and general activities whilst on the road travelling.

We have done pretty well and wouldn’t of expected anything less or more.

In terms of spending here are our rough averages for 2 people whilst travelling in our troopy.

Weekly shop at $80 for food. Of course this depends on where you are located. But close to bigger towns and cities we could budget way more.

Fuel spending $180 for two tanks. This also depends on location, but on average this is what we inccured.

Paid Campsites $1932.67 (71 camps) this doesnt include all the places where we worked as we paid rent which is just under $12,000. We did pretty well to camp free a lot whilst travelling the past 2.2years.

Often with work always in the back of our minds whilst travelling. We have often taken the gamble and applyed for jobs online which involved us travelling hundreds of kms. It definitely felt so casual, with a few phone calls, emails and giving references.

In general finding work in Australia, isn’t a challenge, if you want to work you will find it. Being the slightly maturer age, employers are often more interested and know you are willing to work hard and have some experience behind you.

We have learnt, grown and evolved from our experiences and it’s definitely tested our relationship.

Living and working in the same environment is definitely not easy, but I think having similar interests and being open minded helps.

We have enjoyed all the different experiences, working together as a team as well as individually.

We have loved exploring this vast country and everywhere has been unique.

The beautiful open spaces, spectacular wildlife and scenery have really made it for us.

I think what made it for us is being able to pull up somewhere, and make it your home. This has been so amazing, just being present in the moments switching off from the rest of the world.

Admiring the big open starry sky , having camp fires, meeting and living with locals, listening to the sounds nature creates, watching the sun rise and set. It’s just been truly incredible.

Every state in Australia has been incredible and its so hard to say what is our favourite place.

In terms of states Western Australia has really captured our hearts. Wild rugged and vast its where are adventure began and will end.

We have roughly spent 9 months in WA followed by 8 months in Queensland, 3 months in South Australia, 2.5 month’s in NSW, 2 months in Northern Territory, 6 weeks in Tasmania, 2 weeks in Victoria and 3 days in ACT.

It has been truly amazing to finally tick doing a lap of Australia off our bucket list. It had always been a distance dream which now has become a reality.

If I was to give advice, it would be to chase those dreams of adventure. I have definitely grown and learnt so much about myself through experiences and others.

Chase those adventures.

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