Australia, Europe

Australia to Germany

So it’s been a fair few months. 6 months to be exact since we left the Land down under to relocate back to Europe. After 2 years and 9 months. We finally flew home with our little Australian sourvier. Rosie.

It has truly been a whirlwind of 6 months to say the least.

One thing for sure, It felt nice to give my family a surprise visit home. They definitely were shocked. I gave nothing anyway in terms of us coming back. As I really wanted to surpise them, I even managed to document this.

The time spent back in England was a very overwhelming one. Two weeks flew by, a whole lot of reunions and meeting new babies and a lot of photography projects. It did not feel long enough!


Going back to Germany we dived straight back into our life here, mainly sorting our house out. We left it as it was whilst travelling. So coming back with fresh heads, we gave it a good clear out and now currently improving and decorating the property.

Rosie adapted so well into her new home and life here in Germany. She’s such a bold little character. Nothing seems to phase her which was a utter relief for us.

The journey from Australia to Germany was a long and expensive one. But she was all well and fine when we were reunited with her. Surprisingly importing a pet dog into Germany is relatively straight forward.

Wihtin the first few months we managed to find ourselves a herding school not far away. Being a working dog breed. She is so keen to work with sheep. So this was a big priority to keep her stimulated.

During the summer we also, got ourselves some sheep. With our great knowledge we gained whilst in Australia. Haha we can train Rosie on a regular basics. And boy she is doing well.

Both my parents came out to visit during the summer months, which was great, to finally show them the little rural area that I now call home in Germany. They also finally met Markus’s parents which was lovely and they all got on so well.

We decided also to start planning our Wedding, which has been going very well, within the first month back we secured ourselves a venue and majority of all the other essential things.

I personally love to be organised and have things sorted. We wanted to have a small ceremony for our legal vows in Germany first and then have a wedding celebration next year with friends and family. But unforunately after 10 weeks and painfully slow commuciation and paperwork mess here in Germany.

We opted to have a quiet ceremony in England with our parents and siblings. I dont think I would do it any other way.

It happened so quickly, with many short visits to England, finalising things before the big day.

We hopped back on a plane on the 9th October with my German family, shortly before our day.

11.10.19. It was a lovely relaxed day. A short and sweet ceremony followed by lunch with our families.

Since then we are enjoying married life together.

It will also be our first real winter since 2015, personally already not enjoying it. Its a little too cold for our liking.

So anyways, thats our rundown of whats been happening recently. its been a real busy 6 months, getting ourselves settled and back to working life. Juggling, learning or refreshing my German, as I honestly can say after 3 years, it started to fade.

Feel free to comment below if your interested in hearing about more of our adventures, or anything I have written above, As I personally love to share our experiences and opinions on certain matters.

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