Renesse, a seaside escape in Holland

Renesse, a beautiful coastal town, situated in the southern islands of Holland in the Zeeland province.

This little gem is a tourist hotspot. The area boasts an active and entertaining scene.

It was the perfect and closest long weekend getaway to the coast for us.

With a long stretch of beautiful clear beaches, that go on for kilometres. It’s a gem of a destination. Divided in several sections , visitors can choose between then all.

The dunes are also a popular attraction, with plenty of hiking and biking trails. Offering a unique way to explore the area.

With great cafes, shops, bars, restaurants and family activities. It’s a great destination for all.

Having a dog, this area is perfect for a dog owner. We stayed 3 nights in the rural area of Sirjanland on a farm which provides camping all year around.

It’s a little outside of Renesse, but can only imagine during the warmer months anywhere will book up fast.

We chose to stay in there one and only Wagon. Which was so idyllic. Perfect for a weekend getaway. With the option for a full breakfast and local produce. It truly was the perfect rural escape.

From here you are literally under a 1 hour drive to many of the popular destinations including Rotterdam.

We opted to visit the UNESCO world heritage site Kinderdijk. A unique windmill complex, like no other in the world.

Since 1997 this has been listed as a world heritage site. For a long time the Dutch have been using a sustainable blend of technology and nature to keep Kinderdijk dry.

It’s a perfect blend of the middle ages to the present day. Using reservoirs, pumping stations, dykes and well preserved windmills.

It’s the perfect experience to walk along the canals and take in the old age windmills. It’s free and dog friendly.

Hellevoetsluis only being a short drive from the zeeland province. It’s a beautiful coastal location.

We opted to wander around the old part for one morning.

With various museums in the old part of the town. It’s mainly important for the fortifications in vesting and the marinas. It has lots of beautiful buildings, and the sea beach and dunes coast by.

With plenty to see and experience its definitely a beautiful coastal hotspot to enjoy all year around.

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