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Exploring Paris and the magnificent palace of Versailles

Paris is always a good idea, as they say.

With some beautiful artitculture and picturesque scenery in the world. Its definitely worth a visit.

Whether it being a weekend escape or a romantic honeymoon gateway.

This city has something for everyone.

So a reunion with a good friend from NZ in Paris… it was the perfect occasion to meet back here. After it was where our backpacking adventure began over 9 years ago.

With so many iconic monuments in the world. The Eiffel Tower being one of the most famous. It was the perfect opportunity to revisit.

With only one day in this city, we decided to prioritise what we wanted to do. I hopped over on a train from Germany. Only a 1.5 hour train journey, so accommodation wasnt necessary for me.

This being my third visit, I had never but always wanted to visit the palace of Versailles.

Catching the metro is definitely recommend being such a big city. It’s the cheapest and quickest way to get around.

The Rec C yellow line is the most direct line to visit the iconic sights and takes you to the end of the line. Being the Château de Versailles. It’s around €7.40 return.

The place of Versailles starts from the 17th century. Its rich in history from originally being a hunting lodge, to then a seat of power, and since the 19th century its been a museum.

Spread over 800 hectares there is plenty to explore. With options to book a day to several day passes. It is definitely worth freeing up some time to experience this palace.

Booking in advance is highly recommended, aswell as selecting to skip the queue when booking online. Otherwise you could be left standing in the cold for quite some time.

The Hall of mirrors, the Kings State apartment and the Gallery of great battles are some of the places to explore.

The Hall of Mirrors, a large beautiful gallery, created in the 1600s. This is one of the most famous rooms in the palace. 73m it tributes the several factors of success of france. Economic, political and artistic success.

The 357 mirrors resemble the success France had with the new mirror manufacturing. It’s such a beautiful work of art.

The kings State apartment, consisting of seven rooms, these rooms have been decorated with marble panelling, painted ceilings and lavish Italian style decoration.

During the reign of Louis XIV he would host on regular occasions each week in these rooms. The room of abundance was served as the refreshment room. Where coffee tea and alcohol were served. It definitely is a room to show a symbol of power and wealth.

The Gallery of Great battles is a historic room. Which Louis Phillippe created. It shows off 15 centuries of French success in the military through its paintings.

It is one of the largest rooms in the palace. Extending over 120 metres. It is known as one of the most impressive features of louis Phillippes project for the Versailles.

The gardens are truly a beautiful creation. The central windows in the Hall of Mirrors provide outstanding views across the estate.

Creating the gardens was a huge task, which was developed over the same time as the palace.

Louis XIV wanted the garden to reflect as much as importance as the Palace. It’s a beautiful perspective of art and worth the wander.

From experiencing the Chateau we ventured back to the centre of Paris

The metro runs very regular, and is only a 30 minute journey. We opted to stop at the Eiffel tower, as this brings you out only metres away from the monument. From here we decided to wander through the city streets admiring all the beautiful buildings and French cafes.

Wandering along the canal gives you a great perspective of the city and great views. It links to most of the main attractions. If you dont mind walking, you can make a perfect route to see the sights, otherwise metro stations and taxis are everywhere.

The Arc De triomphe, Champs- Elysees , the Louve , Notre Dame and so on are spots definitely not to be missed. All being around a 15/ 20 minute walk of each other.

It was a very long day, my step count like many others was extremely high. But it is always nice to wandering this beautiful city and fill your belly with French pastries.

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