Europe, Germany

Bodensee , Lake constance, exploring this corner of Europe.

Lake constance, is a beautiful versatile holiday destination In Germany. The largest inland waterway in Germany, and the third largest lake in Central Europe. It provides over four million people with drinking water from the lake.

Rich in culture, nature , cuisines and sights to explore.

A variety of interests can be combined in a visit to this region. with many beautiful charming towns to visit. Various museums, sporting activities and just relaxing by the lake. Are some of the popular past times for a holiday here.

We spent a long weekend exploring this area, with most towns being a short distance away, making it a very desirable to explore and discover so much.

Meersburg castle, the oldest inhabited fortress in Germany. Situated above Lake constance, it provides wonderful views of the town and lake. Dating back to the 7th century. This fortress has been a summer residence, to being the first German fortress with forearms…since then it has passed through many hands, but today is enjoyed by visitors. Who can explore and get a sense of bygone days. Through the numerous rooms, walkways the dungeons and many more.

Further along the lake is the qiant town of Lindau. Situated on an island in Lake constance , with its beautiful old buildings picturesque alleyways and panorama views looking over at the alps and lake.

The lakeside promenade is a perfect spot to take a stroll, relax or even enjoy a picnic. With numerous cafes and restaurants beside the harbour this spot we found to be very popular to enjoy the Maritime activities.

Visiting during the winter months meant everything was richly decorated beautifully and Christmas markets were scattered around to enjoy. It was quite the experience.

Within a short drive, the Austrian border is easily reachable. Bregenz being a tradition town but also combined with a modern touch. This little corner of the lake provides art, culture, nature activities and architecture.

Whilst in this area, hiking up the the Pfänder is definitely a must do, with its unique view of the Lake, Austria, Germany , Switzerland and the alpine peaks the Pfänder is the most famous viewpoint in the region.

With a clearly marked tracks ranging from 1 to 5 hour hikes through the valleys. It makes the perfect activity to explore this area. There is also a cable car which provides views across the lake that regularly goes up and down.

With so many attractions and places of interest this corner of Germany worth a visit. Ravernsburg also a short distance away. We enjoyed a day trip wandering around this old city. Know for the famous games and puzzles. They have a lovely museum which is worth checking out.

This little corner of Germany is definitely worth a visit with plenty of attractions and sights of interest. You could easy spend a week or more with a full diary.

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