Travel couple

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A travel blog sharing adventures to inspire your own.

Over the last 11 years Markus and I have explored various parts of the World, creating and making memories together.

Nearly 11 years ago we met whilst both on a Working holiday visa in New Zealand, With a strong desire for travelling and imersing ourselves in different cultures we have since explore over 20 different countries together.

Our most recent trip being 3 years long.

Exploring South East Asia and 70,000kms of Australia.

We are both orignally from Europe, Helena born and raised in Oxford, England and Markus from Saarland Germany.

We current reside in Niedersachsen Germany, this is where we relocated at the end of 2020.

Leaving England almost 7 years ago, I have been forunate to Live in 5 different countries over the last decade. Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Australia being 4 of them.It’s been hard to truly find a place to call home.

Australia and Switzerland both very different different but equally beautiful to live.

We are still yet to find a place we call home together.

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